Wood Ear Mushroom

Wood Ear mushrooms are purplish brown to dark brown and it can be anywhere from two to 8 inches in size. These mushrooms are somewhat cup-shaped, with a thick, smooth, wavy cap and almost no stem. The colour of the skin often takes on the colour of the tree that it grows on. With age, the mushroom darkens and the skin can turn black. The texture of the Wood Ear mushroom is crisp and crunchy.

  • First species to be cultivated in China in A.D. 600.
  • Highly prized in China and commonly used in soups.
  • Mushrooms are cartilaginous and purplish brown in colour.
  • Extensively used by Chinese to cure stomach diseases, in diabetes and as anti cancer
  • Cultivation technology on paddy straw has been standardized by IIHR, Bengaluru.

Scientific name: Auracularia polytricha

Common name: Jew’s ear mushroom

Substrate: Supplemented sawdust, paddy straw

Cultivation environment

Parameter Spawn running Development
Temperature 24 – 30°C 20 – 30°C


Relative humidity 90-95% 90-95%


Light NOT required 08-10 hours*


Air exchange 05-08 per hour


Duration 25-40 days 05-10 days**


*Diffused, **Days after slitting poly bag

Cropping cycle: 8-10 weeks

Cropping period: 2 to 3 months

Major regions of cultivation World: China, Japan, and South Korea.

India: Occurs naturally in the forests of Western Ghats, Andaman, North east. One of the most relished mushrooms of Sikkim and Manipur, not cultivated in India.





  • Indian Institute of Horticulture Research
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