White Jelly Fungus / Silver Ear Mushroom

White jelly fungus (Tremella fuciformis) is an edible mushroom growing in broad leaf forests in Asian temperate zone including Japan. White jelly fungus constitutes a beautifully soft and transparent-white carpophore.
The White jelly fungus is not only beautiful in its appearance but also contains some nutrition component.

  • Has long been known in China for its medicinal and tonic effects.
  • White and yellow species are found in India.

Scientific name: Tremella fuciformis

Common name: White jelly fungus, Silver ear mushroom

Substrate: Cultivated on supplemented sawdust substrate in poly bags

Cultivation environment

Parameter Spawn running Development
Temperature 23 – 25°C 23 – 25°C
Relative humidity 85-90%
Light 08-10 hours*
Air exchange 5-7 per hour
Duration 07-15 days 05-07 days

*Diffused light, **Days after bag opening

Cropping cycle: 2-3 weeks (2 or 3 flushes)

Major regions of cultivation

World: China and Taiwan

India: Not yet cultivated due to lack of technology. Found wild in the forest regions of the Western Ghats, Andaman islands and Sikkim




  • Indian Institute of Horticulture Management