Vanilla diseases

Major Vanilla diseases are:-

1.Vanilla Root rot: Fusarium sp., Sclerotium sp.

vanilla root rot
  • Browning of roots leading to rotting and decay.
  • Yellowing of leaves stems and leaves becoming flaccid, shrivelled and giving a drooping appearance.
  • Cut and remove the affected roots, reduce mulch.
  • Soil drench and spray the plant with 0.2 % Copper oxychloride @ 2 or 3 litres per plant.


2.Vanilla Stem rot: Fusarium sp.

stem rot of vanilla

  • Water soaked lesions giving the stem a brown coloured appearance resulting in rotting of tissues leaves turning yellowish and drying off.
  • Cut and remove the affected portion
  • Spray 0.2% Carbendazim, repeat spray after one month.


3.Vanilla Bean rotPhytophthora sp.

vanilla bean rot

  • Rotting and shedding of beans
  • Spray 0.1% Carbendazim and 1 % Bordeaux mixture alternatively at weekly intervals


4.Vanilla Shoot tip rotFusarium, Sclerotium

shoot tip rot of vanilla

  • Decaying of shoot tip and leaves at the tip
  • Spray 0.1% Carbendazim at 15 days interval.



5.Vanilla mosaic: Vanilla mosaic virus

vanilla mossaic
  • Mosaic pattern or mottling on foliage.
  • Stunting sterility and leaf distortion
  • Uproot and destroy the affected plant
Important Prophylactic Measures
  • Timely shade management
  • Avoid excess moisture
  • Allow free movement of air
  • Avoid overcrowding of vines by keeping adequate spacing
  • Avoid excessive manuring and use of fresh cow dung.
  • Apply recommended doses of bio agents like TrichodermaPseudomonasBacillus etc.
  • Avoid excessive mulching during rainy season and mulching with materials that are not easily decomposed
  • Collect and destroy the parts of plants showing disease symptoms.
To prevent the chances of multiplication of these fungi and spread of these diseases, the following should be adhered to,
  • Avoid excessive use of manure, mulch and irrigation
  • Cut and remove disease affected plant parts and burn them.
  • Do not use planting materials procured from infected gardens.
  • Avoid close planting of vines and over crowding. Follow the recommended spacing.
  • Viral disease affected vines should be uprooted and burnt.
  • Do not use implements, which have been used on disease-affected plants on healthy plants without thoroughly washing and cleaning them.




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