Tomato Spotted wilt

Tomato Spotted Wilt: Tomato spotted wilt disease (TSWV), Groundnut bud necrosis virus

  • It causes streaking of the leaves, stems and fruits. Numerous small, dark, circular spots appear on younger leaves.
  • Leaves may have a bronzed appearance and later turn dark brown and wither.
  • Fruits show numerous spots about one-half inch in diameter with concentric, circular markings. On ripe fruit, these markings are alternate bands of red and yellow.
  • The spotted wilt virus is transmitted through thrips (Thrips tabaci, Frankliniella schultzi and F. occidentalis).
  • The affected plants should be removed and destroyed.
  • Alternate or collateral hosts harboring the virus have to be removed.
  • Raise barrier crops – Sorghum, Maize, Bajra 5-6 rows around the field before planting the tomato.
  • Spray Imidachloprid 0.05% or any systemic insecticide to control the vector.



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