Tomato Leaf curl

Tomato Leaf curl: Tomato leaf curl virus (ToLCV)

  • The new growth of plants with tomato yellow leaf curl has reduced internodes, giving the plant a stunted appearance
  • The new leaves are also greatly reduced in size and wrinkled, are yellowed between the veins, and have margins that curl upward, giving them a cup-like appearance
  • Flowers may appear but usually will drop before fruit is set
  • Keep yellow sticky traps @ 12/ha to monitor the white fly.
  • Raise barrier crops-cereals around the field.
  • Removal of weed host. Protected nursery in net house or green house.
  • Spray Imidachloprid 0.05 % or Dimethoate 0.05% @ 15, 25, 45 days after transplanting to control vector.



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