Tomato Damping off

Tomato Damping off: Pythium aphanidermatum

  • Damping off of tomato occurs in two stages, i.e. the pre-emergence and the post-emergency phase.
  • In the pre-emergence, the phase the seedlings are killed just before they reach the soil surface.
  • The young radical and the plumule are killed and there is complete rotting of the seedlings.
  • The post-emergence phase is characterised by the infection of the young, juvenile tissues of the collar at the ground level.
  • The infected tissues become soft and water soaked. The seedlings topple over or collapse.
  • Used raised seed bed
  • Provide light, but frequent irrigation for better drainage.
  • Drench with Copper oxychloride 0.2% or Bordeaux mixture 1%.
  • Seed treatment with fungal culture Trichoderma viride (4 g/kg of seed) or Thiram (3 g/kg of seed) is the only preventive measure to control the pre-emergence damping off.
  • Spray 0.2% Metalaxyl when there is the cloudy weather.



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