Tomato Bacterial wilt

Tomato Bacterial Wilt : Burkholderia solanacearum

  • This is one of the most serious diseases of the tomato crop. Relatively high soil moisture and soil temperature favour disease development.
  • Characteristic symptoms of bacterial wilt are rapid and complete wilting of normally grown up plants.
  • Lower leaves may drop before wilting. The pathogen is mostly confined to the vascular region; in advantage cases, it may invade the cortex and pith and cause yellow-brown discolouration of tissues.
  • Infected plant parts when cut and immersed in clear water, a white streak of bacterial ooze is seen coming out from cut ends.
  • The spreads through wounds, soil and implements.
  • Avoid damage to seedling while transplanting
  • Apply bleaching powder @ 10kg/ha and in rate.
  • Crop rotations, viz., cowpea-maize-cabbage, okra-cowpea-maize, maize- cowpea-maize and finger millet-egg plant are reported effective in reducing bacterial wilt of tomato.



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