Tingid or Lace wing bug

Tingid or Lace wing bug: Stephanitis typicus 

Symptoms of damage:

  • Grubs bore into the rhizome and cause death of the plant
  • Presence of dark coloured tunnels in the rhizomes.
  • Death of unopened pipe, withering of outer leaves.

Identification of pest:

  • Nymphs: Yellow colour nymphs found on the under surface
  • Adult: Yellow colour with minute fringed wings, seen under surface of leaves


  • Collect and destroy the damaged leaves, flowers and fruits along with life stages
  • Use yellow sticky trap at 15/ha
  • Spraying dimethoate 30 EC 850 ml/ha
  • Spray methyl demeton 25 EC 2ml/lit
  • Spray carbendazim 3g/ litre of water Application of press mud at 5 kg per tree reduces the wilt incidence



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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