Termites:  Odontotermes spp

Symptoms of damage:

  • Wilting of plants in patches
  • Termites penetrate and hollow out the taproot and stem thus kill the plant.
  • Boreholes into pods and damage the seed.
  • It removes the soft corky tissue from between the veins of pods causing scarification, weaken the shells, make them liable to entry and growth of Aspergillus flavus that produces aflotoxins

Identification of the pest:

  • The termites are endemic in red and sandy soils.
  • These are social insects, live in termataria, in distinct castes, workers, king and queen.
  • Workers’ are small (4 mm) and have a soft, white body and a brown head


  • Digging the termataria and destruction of the queen is most important in termite management
  • Use well rotten organic manure
  • Harvest the groundnut as soon as they are matured, early removal of the produce from the field will reduce the chances of termite damage to pods
  • Apply chlorpyriphos 20 EC to control termites
  • Dust chlorpyriphos @ 30-40 kg/ha in soil before sowing in endemic areas
  • Seed treatment with chlorpyriphos @ 6.5ml /kg of seed may reduce termite damage.


  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal

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