Technology ready for commercialization-Goats

Technology ready for commercialization:-

Title of technology
Goat Feeders for Better Feed Utilization
Details of technolog
  • Goat feeders are suitable for feeding concentrates, dry and green fodders simultaneously, thereby reducing the cost of labor and feeding time under semi-intensive and intensive goat production systems.
  • The height of feeder trough is designed at the shoulder point of goats considering their feeding/grazing habits. The technology has been effective in reducing feed wastage (from 35-40% in conventional ground level feeding method to 5-10%) and chances of contamination of feed with animal excreta.
  • The rectangular feeder can accommodate 10-12 goats, whereas hexagonal feeder can feed 12-15 goats.
  • Approximate cost per feeder is Rs. 5000-6000. The adoption of technology reduces cost of feed by 25-30%, which is estimated about Rs.30.00 per day for ten goats.
  • Use of this technology under intensive feeding condition also reduces pressure on natural resources, mortality and morbidity in goats facilitating sustainable goat rearing with better financial returns.


Title of technology
Pelleted Complete Feed Technologies for Sustainable Goat
Production under Intensive Feeding System
Details of technology
  • Declining feed and fodder resources and grazing area is a major challenge to goat rearing. To address this challenge, CIRG has developed complete feed technologies to cater to the nutritional requirement of goats under intensive feeding system.
  • The technologies include tree leaves based complete feed pellets and monsoon herbage based complete feed pellets.
  • The nutritive value (digestible crude protein) of the complete feed pellets is between 5.42 and 13.63 on dry matter basis.
  • The cost of complete feed is varying between Rs. 8– 12/kgdepending on availability of materials with an average weightgain of 58 to 80 g/day in growing kids.
  • The technologies have been adopted by several small and marginal goat farmers for sustainable goat production with considerable financial benefit.
  • The technology has immense value to reduce pressure over available feed resources. It is readily available with CIRG
Ingredient Different combinations of dry leaves have been used with concentrate mixture in specified ratio. The herbage based complete feed consists of plant foliage with concentrate in appropriate ratio.


Title of technology
Stressol G: an Herbal antistress formulation
Details of technology
  • This polyherbal formulation was developed by a three plant extracts in suitable vehicle.
  • The antioxidant efficacy of extract was tested under invitro by estimating free radicle scavenging, Lipid peroxidation etc.
  • The clinical efficacy of this formulation was evaluated in heat stress, cold stress animals by monitoring stress markers in goats such as SOP, MDA, heat & cold and HSP 70 catalase.
  • The formulation was effective in ameliorating the stress and positive effect on growth and production.


Title of technology
Intravaginal pessaries for oestrus synchcronization in goats
Details of technology
  • The reproductive potential of Indian goat breeds is relatively less as compared to the exotic breeds of goat. The variation may be genetic, environmental and managemental.
  • Indian goat breeds are characterized by long post-partum interval resulting in greater inter kidding interval and less prolificacy in some Indian breeds of goat.
  • Intravaginal pessary relate to oestrus induction in an oestrus goats, shortening the post-partum interval, oestrus synchronization, more frequent kidding, increase in litter size in less prolific breeds, extending mating outside the normal breeding seasons.
  • Mostly pessaries available for sheep even in international market but it is Specially designed and standardized for goat
  • Induction of heat : 1.5-3 days
  • Efficacy :70-80%



  • Central Institute of Research on Goats