Agricultural schemes in Tamilnadu

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Agricultural Engineering Schemes under Agricultural Engineering Department of TamilNadu 

Agricultural Engineering Schemes of TamilNadu are given below:-

1.Soil and Water Conservation in the catchments of River Valley Project

2.Agricultural Mechanisation Programme

3.Command Area Development and Water Management

4.Demonstration of Agricultural Machinery and Implements

5.Training Programme to Farmers in handling and maintenance

6.Rain Water Harvesting and Runoff Management Programme

7.NABARD assisted Rain Water Harvesting Programme

8.Soil and Water Conservation under Hill Area Development Programme

9.Soil and Water Conservation under Western Ghats Development

10.Soil Conservation in Tribal Areas under Integrated Tribal Development Programme

11.Replacement of old Pumpsets with new Pumpsets

12.World Bank aided Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water bodies Restoration and Management (TN IAMWARM) Project

13.Minor Irrigation Scheme

14.Land Development Scheme

15.National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP)



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National Agriculture Development Programme in TamilNadu

Scheme guidelines-

1.Paddy Mission

2.Pulses Mission

3.Oilseed Mission

4.Millets Mission

5.Red gram cultivation for Nutritional Security

6.NFSM – National Food Security Mission

7.Seed Village Scheme





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