Sugarcane Sett rot

Sugarcane Sett rot:Ceratocytis paradoxa

  • When diseased setts are planted they may rot before germination, or the shoots may die after reaching a height of about 6-12 inches.
  • As the setts get dried up, the reddish colour becomes black with lots of black coloured fungal spores adhering to it.
  • If infected shoots survive, they are very much stunted and chlorotic.
  • Eventually, the leaves may wither and the shoots wilt.
  • If the affected shoots and setts are examined the central portion of the shoots will be seen discoloured red and the contents of the sett rotting.
  • When split open, the affected setts exhibit pineapple odour.
  • Ceratocytis paradoxa is initially whitish, measuring about 5 mm in diameter and  colonies turn black due to the production of chlamydospores, which are heavily pigmented, when mature.
Management strategies:
Cultural method:
  • Healthy setts should be obtained from disease free fields
  • Proper drainage and planting of setts in 1-2 cm depth.
  • Field sanitation practices combined with chemical pre treatment of the setts are quite effective in controlling the disease
  • Avoid deep planting during monsoon season.
Chemical method:
  • Dipping the setts in 40 ppm of boron or manganese, or spraying the plants with either of these minor elements reduces the disease intensity.
  • sett treatment with fungicide like Bavistin, 0.1 per cent before planting
  • Apply carbendazim @ 2gm/lit of water at the root zone area and same as follow at 15 days interval.



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