Pests of Sugarcane

The important pests of sugarcane found in the state are early shot borers, top shoot borers mealy bugs, white grubs, termites and rats. To control these pests from damaging sugarcane crop ,proper identification and management should be adopted which is given below:

Major pests of Sugarcane are:-



 1.  Early shoot borer   early shoot borer
 2.  Internode borer  internode borer
 3.  Top shoot borer   top shoot borer
 4.  White flies  whiteflies
 5.  Sugarcane wolly aphid   sugarcane wolly alphid
 6.  Mealybug  mealy bug
 7.  White grub   white grub
 8.  Scale insects  scale insect
 9.  Termites   termite
 10.  Grasshopper  grasshoppers



Integrated pests management of Sugarcane

  • Remove stubble and debris of previous crops.
  • Deep summer ploughing.
  •  Inter-culture and hand weeding.
  • Timely irrigation.
  • Proper crop rotation: paddy, wheat, maize, jowar, potato, vegetables, pulses, oilseeds etc.
  •  Collect and destroy the adult beetles on trees like Azadirachta indica (neem), Ailanthus excelsa and Acacia sps. Helps in minimizing root grub infestation.
  • Resistant/Tolerant varieties:


 Sugarcane varieties

 1.Early shoot borer  CO 312, CO 421, CO 661, CO 917 and CO 853
 2.Internode bore   CO 975, CO 7304, COJ 46 CO-285, CO-453 and CO-77-1
 3.Top shoot borer   COJ-69, CO-1158, CO-67, CO 419, CO 745, CO 6516, CO 859, CO1158 and CO 7224
4. Scales   CO-617, 678, 671, 1132
 5.Woolly aphid  COVC 2003 165
 6.White grubs   Co 6304, Co 1158, Co 5510
 7.Mealy bug  CO 439, CO 443, CO 720, CO 730 and CO 7704


  •  Earthing up after 4-5 weeks after planting (Early shoot borer).
  •  Planting in deep furrows of 20 cm depth.
  •  Always use well rotten Farm Yard Manure (FYM) to avoid the damage by termites.
  • Avoid untimely high nitrogenous fertilizers to minimize the pyrilla, white woolly aphid and stalk borer attack.
  •  Irrigation at closer intervals for managing early shoot borer.
  • Detrashing of canes in the scale insect, mealy bugs, white woolly aphid and stalk borers prone areas.
  •  Intercrop: Onion or Garlic or Coriander for early shoot borer.
  •  Removal of water shoots to destroy scale insect stages, stalk borers and white woolly aphid.
  • Practice deep harvesting to destroy stubbles. Take green burning which will be helpful to conserve moisture, predators and parasitoids and minimize the growth of the weed except in black bug endemic pockets.
  • Trash mulching at the rate of 3 tons per ha immediately after planting for early shoot borer.
  •  Dig the termatoria and destroy the queen.
  •  Paired row system of planting.
  •  Rapping of canes all along the rows for woolly aphids.
  •  Propping the canes to prevent lodging to reduce the damage by stalk borer and rodents.



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