Maize Stem borer

Stem borer: Chilo partellus

Symptoms of damage:

  • Larvae mines the midrib to cause “dead heart”
  • Central shoot withers due to internal feeding
  • Young larva crawls and feeds on tender folded leaves causing typical “shot hole” symptom.

Identification of the pest:

  • Larva: Yellowish brown with a brown head
  • Adult: Moth is straw coloured


  • Mix any of the following granular insecticides with sand to make up a total quantity of 50 kg and apply in the leaf whorls on the 20th DAS
    • Phorate 10% CG10 kg/ha
    • Carbaryl 4% G 20 kg/ha.
  • For stem borer, release egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis @2,50,000 /ha coinciding egg laying period. Three releases at weekly interval are desirable. Third release is to be accompanied with larval parasitoid Cotesia flavipes @ 5000/ha
  • If granular insecticides are not used, spray any one of the followings
    • Carbaryl 50 WP 1 kg/ha on the 20th day of sowing (500 l of spray fluid/ha)
    • Dimethoate 30% EC 660 ml/ha



  • TNAU Agritech Portal
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