Soybean insect pest management

Soybean or soya bean is a species of legume (Glycine max) native to eastern Asia. It is classified as an oilseed rather than a pulse due to its high oil content and its more popular use as a source of vegetable oil and industrial applications such as biodiesel. It was free of pests and diseases. However, its continuous cultivation with a simultaneous increase in the area had led to disease, insect and weed incidence.

Major pests of Soybean are:-



 1.  Bihar hairy caterpillar: Spilosoma obliqua  bihar hairy caterpillar
 2. Gram pod borer: Helicoverpa armigera  gram pod borer
 3. Tobacco caterpillar: Spodoptera litura  bihar hairy caterpillar
 4.  Thrips: Thrips tabaci  thrips
 5.  White fly: Bemisia tabaci  white fly
 6.  Soybean Aphid: Aphis spp  soybean alphid
 7.  Jassids: Apheliona maculosa  jassids
 8. Girdle beetle: Oberea (Obereopsis) brevis  

girdle beetle

 9. Stem Fly: Melanagromyza sojae  stem fly



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