Soybean Jassids

Soybean Jassids: Apheliona maculosa

Symptoms of damage:
  • Infested leaves start yellowing from the margins.
  • In the case of severe attack, all the leaves become yellow and eventually fall off from the plants.
Identification of the pest:
  • Adults and nymphs: are light green in colour and suck the sap from leaves and stem.
  • Install one light trap (200W mercury vapour lamp) per hectare to catch the adults of some nocturnal pests such as jassid, (positively phototropic)
  • Spray 0.05 % quinalphos 25 EC, oxydemeton methyl 25 EC, or dimethoate 30 EC @ 2ml /lit at the crop age of 35-40 days and repeat after 15 days if needed.



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