Soybean Collar rot / Sclerotial blight

Soybean Collar rot / Sclerotial blightSclerotium rolfsii.

  • Infection usually occurs at or just below the soil surface.
  • Sudden yellowing or wilting of plants is the first symptom.
  • Light brown lesions, which quickly darken, enlarge until the hypocotyl or stem is girdled.
  • Leaves turn brown, dry and often cling to the dead stem.
  • Numerous tan to brown, spherical sclerotia forms on infected plant material.
  • Deep ploughing in summer.
  • Crop rotation with maize or sorghum.
  • Destroy infected stubble.
  • Seed treatment with T. viride @4g/kg or P. fluorescens @ 10g/ kg of seed or Carbendazim or Thiram 2g/kg of seed.
  • Spot drenching with Carbendazim 1g/lit or P. fluorescens / T. viride 2.5 kg/ha with 50 kg FYM.



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