Soybean Anthracnose / pod blight

Soybean Anthracnose/pod blightColletotrichum truncatum

  • Infected seeds become shrivelled, mouldy and brown.
  • Symptoms on cotyledons appear as dark brown sunken cankers.
  • In the early stage, irregular brown lesions appear on leaves, stems and pods.
  • In advanced stages, the infected tissues are covered with black fruiting bodies of the fungus.
  • Under high humidity, symptoms on leaves are veinal necrosis, leaf rolling, cankers on petioles premature defoliation
  • Use healthy or certified seeds.
  • Rotate soybean with cereals.
  • Do not cultivate when the foliage is wet.
  • Completely remove plant residue by clean ploughing the field soon after harvest.
  • Destroy last years infected stubble.
  • Maintain well-drained field.
  • Seed treatment with Thiram or Captan or Carbendazim 3 g/kg and
  • Use Mancozeb @ 2.5g/l as spray or Carbendazim 1g/L.



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