Sorghum pests

Sorghum is susceptible to insect pests from emergency to late grain fill. Early pests include armyworms and soil insects. These pests are normally present in a grain crop in low numbers where their damage can be tolerated. However, seasonal conditions can sometimes stimulate the build up of a large population of one or more of these and they can cause significant damage.For the protection of its crop, proper identification and management of pests should be adopted.Major Sorghum pests are:-


Sorghum Pests 

 1. Shoot fly (प्ररोह मक्खी)



sorghum shootfly

 2.  Stem borer (तना छेदक)  sorghum stemborer
 3.  Pink stem borer (गुलाबी तना छेदक)  
 4.  Ear head Caterpillar(इयर हेड कैटरपिलर)  

earhead caterpillar

 5.   Shoot bug  sorghum shoot bug
 6.  Ear head bug  sorghum earhead bug
 7.  Sorghum midge ( मिज मक्खी)  sorghum midge




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