Sorghum Midge

Sorghum midge: Contarinia sorghicola

Symptom of damage:

  • Pollen shedding due to egg laying
  • White pupal cases protruding out from the grains
  • Chaffy grains with holes

Identification of the pest:

  • Adult:  Fly is small, fragile with a bright orange abdomen and a pair of transparent wings


  • Set up of light traps till midnight to monitor, attract and kill adults of stem borer, grain midge and earhead caterpillars.
  • Apply any one of the following on 3rd and 18th day after panicle emergence
    • Carbaryl 10 D 25 kg/ha
    • Malathion 5 D 25 kg/ha
    • Phosalone 4 D 25 kg/ha
  • Neem seed kernel extract 5% (or) Spray malathion 50 EC @ 1600 ml/ha or phosalone 1150 ml/ha
  • The sowing of sorghum should be completed in as short a time as possible to avoid continuous flowering which favours grain midge and earhead bug multiplication in an area



  • TNAU Agritech Portal
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