Snake gourd semilooper

Snake gourd Semilooper: Plusia peponis

Symptoms of damage:

  • The caterpillar cuts the edges  of  leaf lamina, folds it over the  leaf and feeds from within leaf roll

Identification of pest:

  • Egg: White spherical eggs laid singly on tender leaves
  • Larva: Green in colour with longitudinal white stripe, humped last abdominal segments
  • Pupae: Pupation takes place inside the leaf fold
  • Adult: Brown moth with shiny brown forewings


  • Collect and destroy the caterpillars
  • Encourage activity of Apanteles taragamae, A. plusiae
  •  Spray any following insecticides
    • Malathion 50 EC @500 ml/ha
    • Dimethoate 30 EC @500 ml/ha
    • Methyl demeton 25 EC @500 ml/ha