Seed Village Scheme

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE– Agriculture – Seed village scheme 2014 – 15 –Revision of Guideline for Production / Distribution of Seeds

The Government of India has communicated revised guidelines for production / Distribution of F/C Seeds under Seed Village Scheme as detailed below.



 Subsidy @ 50% of the cost for Production / Distribution of F/C Seeds of Paddy, Pulses, Millets & Oilseeds per acre per farmer.  Subsidy @ 50% of the cost for Production / Distribution of F/C Seeds of Cereals per acre per farmer
 Subsidy @ 60% of the cost for Production / Distribution of F/C Seeds of Pulses and Oilseeds per acre per farmer


It is requested to ensure adoption of revised guidelines without fail. The targets and fund allocation remain the same. The details mentioned in this letter should reach the block Assistant Directors of Agriculture at once.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this letter by next post or through E.mail / Fax.

Sd/- S. Rajendran,
for Director of Agriculture


The district wise target for the year 2014-15 is enclosed. In anticipation of the approval from GOI as well as to distribute seeds without missing the season, “Go ahead” orders are issued for the implementation of the scheme. The Joint Directors of Agriculture are requested to ensure implementation of the scheme without deviation from the GOI guidelines.

1. Seed distribution is permissible at 50% subsidy for one acre of seeds/ farmer.

2. Variety / Crop wise details of seeds distributed should be maintained.

3. The flow of funds to SC/ST (11%) / (1%) farmers should be ensured under seed distribution and Training component without fail. Preference should be given to farm women.

4. Over achievement under one crop seed distribution leads to shortfall under other crop seed distribution, hence it should be avoided.

5.100 farmers should be trained per training which should be conducted in three phases  (sowing /flowering /harvesting ) as mentioned in Government of India guidelines.

6. The training should be given to the farmers and in the villages where the seeds are distributed.

7. The training should be conducted in the appropriate phases without missing the season and stage of crops.

8. The seed distribution and training should be completed within the financial year.

9. Training schedule and lesson plan should be prepared in advance and the training should be imparted to the farmers by the Trainer / Expert identified.

10. Ensure quality seed distribution and training under the scheme. Preference should be given to seed farm farmers.

11. The conduct of the training, as well as the seed distribution, should be done in the identified Seed Villages under the programme.

12. The training and seed distribution activities should be documented properly along with relevant records like participant list, payment of honorarium, date & place of the training programme, training schedule, lesson plan etc., and must be produced whenever requested. The photographs should Include the field, details of the beneficiary, Village Name, the area covered in ac, Qty of seeds distributed, Name of variety etc.

13. The second year follow up is necessary to ensure utilization of seeds for cultivation by the farmers and also for continuous seed production.

14. The Block wise seed villages targeted/registered should be included in the monthly report without fail.

15. The Government of India guidelines as well as the instructions issued from this office should be adopted without any deviation.

16. The Joint Director’s of Agriculture are requested to inspect the Seed Village Programme implemented in the District and render necessary guidance to the field officers for the successful implementation of the programme.

17. The No of beneficiaries under the scheme should be indicated in the monthly report sent to this office.

18. It is requested to send the duly filled up monthly report to this office on last working day of every month without fail.

19. It is requested to ensure the reach of guidelines and targets to block level immediately.

20. It should be ensured to incur expenditure within the allocation under the SCP / General Head of Account and to avoid surrender.

The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged by next post.


Stationary / publicity material @ Rs.5 participant to be supplied in local languages (100 x 3 x 5)

 S.No  Items  Amount(Rs)
 1.  For 100 participants refreshment charges for 3 days @ Rs.35 per day per participant (100 x 3 x 35)  10,500/-
 2.  1,500/-
 3.  Lumpsum management charges for implementing agency  2,000/-
 4.  Honorarium to research person@ Rs.300 per day for 3 days  900/-
 5.  Other contingency charges  100/-
 Total  15,000/-



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