Sapota leaf diseases

Sapota does not suffer from serious pests and diseases but there are some Sapota leaf diseases which can cause damage.

Major Sapota leaf diseases are:-

1.Leaf spotPhaeoleospora indica

sapota leaf spot

  • The disease is characterised by numerous, small, pinkish to reddish brown spots with whitish centers in the leaf.
  • Spray Mancozeb @ 0.25% or Copper oxychloride 0.2% to control the disease


2.Sapota Sooty mould: Capnodium sp.

Sapota sooty mould

  • It is a fungal disease developed on honeydew-like excretion secreted by aphids and scale insects.
  • The fungus slowly covers the entire leaf area severely affecting the process of photosynthesis.
  • This results in reduced translocation of food to the fruits, which leads to a reduction in their size.
  • Spray starch solution 5% to remove the fungal growth.
  • Control insects by spraying systemic insecticides.



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