Safety Precautions in the Use of Pesticides

We should follow some safety precautions in the use of pesticides and these are given below:-

A. Purchase

1. Always purchase only required quantity of pesticides and not in bulk
2. Never purchase loose or unsealed containers. Purchase pesticides before the expiry date ends
3. Don’t purchase pesticides without proper label


B. Storage

1. Avoid storage of pesticides in house premises or near grain storage
2. Never keep any pesticide near food
3. Keep all pesticides away from reach of children and livestock
4. Don’t expose them to sunlight for longer period
5. Keep all pesticides in original container in intact seal


C. Handling

1. Never transport any pesticides along with food material


D. While preparing solution

1. Always use clean water
2. Always protect your nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hands with clothes
3. Use hand gloves.
4. Don’t eat, drink, smoke or chew while filling the spray tank. Don’t smell pesticides
5. Never mix granules with water except for those wettable granules
6. Avoid spilling of pesticides solution while filling the spray tank.


E. Equipment

1. Select right kind of equipment and nozzle.
2. Don’t blow nozzle with the mouth.
3. Don’t use unwashed sprayer for weedicide or insecticide


F. While applying pesticides

1. Apply only recommended dose and spray solution
2. Apply insecticides preferably in the evening. Avoid rainy or hot sunny or windy days.
3. Don’t apply pesticides against the wind direction
4. Thoroughly wash the sprayers & buckets with soap water after spraying.
5. Buckets used for spraying should not be used for domestic purpose
6. Avoid entry of animals & workers in the field immediately after spraying


G. Disposal

1. Left over spray solution should not be drained in ponds
2. Used empty containers should be crushed and buried deep in soil
3. Never re-use empty pesticide container for any other purpose.




  • National Research Centre for Integrated Pest Management
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