Rose Pests

Rose is susceptible to a number of disease and insect pests. Roses can survive without a basic pest control management, but they may not be very attractive. A pest control program starts with the proper identification of pests, good soil preparation, good drainage, proper spacing, cultivar selection, and plant maintenance. This will result in healthy roses that are better able to withstand the pressure of disease and insects.

Major Pests of rose are:-

 S.No  Pests
 1.  Rose aphid: Macrosiphum rosaeformis D., M. rosae  rose aphid
 2.  Thrips: Grape thrips: Rhipiphorothrips cruentatus  Rose thrips
 3.  ScaleLindingaspis rossiAonidiella aurantii, Aspidiotus spp  Rose scale insect
 4.  Red spider miteTetranychus cinnabarinusT. urticae  Red spider mite
 5.  Leaf cutter beeMegachile anthracina  Leaf cutter bee
 6.  Castor semilooperAchaea janata L.  rose semilooper
 7.  Slug caterpillarParasa (Latoia) lepida   slug caterpillar
 8.  Gram caterpillar: Helicoverpa armigera Hub.  gram caterpillar
 9.  Flower Chaffer beetleOxycetonia versicolor   flower chaffer beetle
 10.  Chafer beetleAnomala sp   chafer beetle
 11.  Termite (White ants)Odontotermes obesus   termite
 12.  BlackflyAleurocanthus spiniferus, Aleurocanthus rosae  rose blackfly




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