Rose Glow

General information

Rose Glow comes under Fancy Caladium group with heart-shaped leaves. It has attractively coloured foliage, excellent proportions and graceful heart-shaped leaves. Rose glow caladium is a splashy variety with pink and green leaves and pink ribs. Petiole colour is light green with black streaks. The deep pink venation pattern on its foliage creates a “burst”, for this variety. It’s colour is light pink with light green margin at the abaxial (lower) side. It prefers fi ltered sun or partial to full shade. Mature plant grows to a height of 12-24”. Leaves have light pink bursts and green edges. It has eye-catching, bright-green foliage with pink centres and looks spectacular in any shady area. It is suitable for planting in pots and planters.


Salient features
Plant Height 43.33 cm
No. of Leaves 12.00
Length of leaf 24.83 cm
Width of leaf 18.00 cm
Petiole length 42.83 cm
Petiole girth 20.28 mm
Petiole colour Light green
Leaf shape Heart shaped




  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa



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