Rose aphid

Rose aphid: Macrosiphum rosaeformis D., M. rosae

Cotton aphid: Aphis gossypii Glover, Green peach aphid: Myzus persicae 

Symptoms of damage:

  • Nymphs and adults are found in clusters on the tender shoots, flowers and buds and suck the sap.
  • Withering of tender shoots
  • Buds fall off prematurely and the flowers show fading.

Identification of the pest:

M. rasaeformis

  • Elongated pear shaped body with large red eyes, black cornicles and pinkish in colour.

A. gossypii

  • Globular yellowish green to brown or black in colour.

M. persicae

  • Yellowish green or rarely reddish.


  • Spray methyl demeton 1ml / lit (or) methyl parathion 2ml/lit or neem oil 0.5%




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