Rice case worm

Rice case worm: Nymphula depunctalis

Symptom of damage:

  • Caterpillars feed on green tissues of the leaves and leave become whitish papery
  • Tubular cases around the tillers by cutting the apical portion of leaves
  • Floating of tubular cases on the water
  • Cutting off leaf tips to make leaf cases

Identification of insect pest:

  • Egg: The Individual egg is circular, flattened, and measures 0.5 mm in diameter. It is light yellow and has a smooth surface. Mature eggs are darker and develop two purplish dots.
  • Larva: Pale translucent green with an orange head. It has filamentous gills on the sides of the body. The larvae are found hanging from the leaf and measures up to 15mm long.
  • Pupa: The pupa is cream in colour and about 5.5 mm long. The mature pupa is silvery white.
  • Adult: Moth is small, delicate white with pale brown wavy markings. The adult moth is about 5 mm long. It is bright white with light brown and black spots.


  • Mix 250 ml of kerosene to the standing water
  • Dislodge the cases by passing a rope and drain water. Collect the cases and destroy
  • Spray Quinalphos 25 EC 80 ml


  • TNAU Agritech Portal.
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