Red frill

General information

Red frill comes under Strap Leaf group of Caladium. The plants are shorter with narrow lance-shaped leaves. The leaves are a nice bright deep solid pinkish red with pinkish red central veins and a thin wavy dark green margin or edges. Its leaves appear frilled, creating a distinctive appearance throughout the season. The petiole is black in colour. Abaxial (lower) leaf blade colour is light pink with green edges. This variety will not stand upright as their Fancy heart-shaped leaf counterparts.

Red Frill caladiums are suited for planting in hanging baskets or planting in front rows, edges or landscape borders since it has a short and compact nature. This is a sun tolerant caladium variety but does best in well-shaded areas. Mature plant grows to a height of 6”-14” tall with small and narrow leaves. It can be planted at a spacing of 10-12” apart. It looks lush and vibrant when planted in shady border or containers or garden beds.

Salient features
Plant Height 16.67 cm
No. of Leaves 3.00
Length of leaf 16.33 cm
Width of leaf 9.67 cm
Petiole length 16.17 cm
Petiole girth 18.15 mm
Petiole colour Black
Leaf shape Lance-shaped




  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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