Diseases of Radish

Radish is a popular vegetable in tropical as well as temperate regions.It is a quick growing crop and can be planted as an intercrop between other vegetables.There are some diseases of radish which need to be identified and managed properly.

Major diseases or Radish are:-

1.Alternaria BlightAlternaria raphani

radish alternaria blight

  • The pathogen affects leaves, stem, pods and seeds.
  • Symptoms of the disease first appear on the leaves of seed stem in the form of small, yellowish, slightly raised lesions.
  • Lesions appear later on the stems and seed pods.
  • The infection spreads rapidly during rainy weather, and the entire pod may be so infected that the styler end becomes black and shrivelled.
  • The fungus penetrates in pod tissues, ultimately infecting the seeds. The infected seed fails to germinate.
  • Spraying with Mancozeb 0.25 %


2.Radish White RustAlbugo candida

white rust of radish

  • The disease attacks the leaves and flowering shoots.
  • Affected flowering shoots get deformed and bear only malformed flowers.
  • The White powdery substance in patches is observed on the under surface of the leaves.
  • Regular spraying with Mancozeb 0.25 % effectively controls the disease.



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