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Pseudeutropius atherinoides fish – Kisan Suvidha
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Pseudeutropius atherinoides fish

Pseudeutropius atherinoides fish

Pseudeutropius atherinoides fish

Scientific Name-         Pseudeutropius atherinoides
(Bloch, 1794)

Common Name-        Indian patasi

Local Name-           Patasi, Potasi


Class Osteichthyes
Sub-Class Actinopterygii
Order Siluriformes
Family Schilbeidae
Genus Schilbeniae
Species Pseudeutropius
Class athrinoides


Habits and habitat

Pseudeutropius atherinoides fish is found in Ganga, Sone, Mahananda, Koshi and Adhwara group rivers and canals. It occurs in flowing water at substratum region and also found in standing water.

Salient features

Body is elongated. It has silvery brown greenish colour with 3 longitudnal band on flank. A faint pale stripe along lateral line ending in dusky spot at base of caudal fin. It has black spot on nape and infront of dorsal fin, three pair of barbels and one pair nosal barbel is long. Anal fin is very long, but not confluent with caudal fin. They are small in size and milky white bright colour, is attractive in aquarium and draws attention of aquarist. It feeds on small crustacean, insects, daphnia, tubeifex, glassworm and plant matters. This species is fast mover, column and surface feeder. It likes to move in flowing water. It attains a length of 15cm.



  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore


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