Polka dot

General information

Polka dot comes under the Fancy group of Caladium with heart-shaped leaves. It is a dwarf Caladium that can grow to about 6 inches height. It has light green leaves, dark green midribs, with pink, red and white spots or blotches. The pink/white/red spots and blotches are either single or coalesced and appear between the dark green veins. Petiole as well as abaxial (lower) leaf blade is green in colour. It is great for mass planting in shady areas of the landscape. It grows well in full shade to partial shade.


Salient features
Plant Height 39.00 cm
No. of Leaves 6.67
Length of leaf 19.33 cm
Width of leaf 12.67 cm
Petiole length 38.50 cm
Petiole girth 18.41 mm
Petiole colour Green
Leaf shape Heart-shaped



  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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