Pod fly

Pod fly: Melanagromyza obtusa

Symptoms of damage

  • Dark brown encrustation on the pod wall
  • Dry pods showing pin head size hole
  • Seeds shriveled, striped and partially eaten
  • Maggots cause damage by boring into the soft seeds and feed on grains.
  • The damaged seeds are unfit for consumption as well as for germination.
  • The extent of damage may be even up to 60-70% during severe infestation.

Identification of the pest

  • Eggs: Eggs are laid by them singly or in a cluster inside the pod wall by piercing through the ovipositor. The fly lays about 60-80 eggs. The incubation period is 2-4 days.
  • Larva: Larval period is about 5-18 days
  • Pupa: Pupal period varies from 7-10 days. A number of overlapping generations are found in a year.


  • Conserve natural enemies like Euderus lividus, Eurytoma sp., Euderus agromyzae
  • Spray Carbaryl 50 WP 1.5 kg or lambda-cyhalothrin 5 EC 400 -500 ml or Lufenuron 5.4 EC 2.5 L with 700 L water/ha.



  • TNAU Agritech Portal.
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