Plant protection-Maharashtra

What to do?

  • Resort to deep ploughing during the summer season. Use pest resistant varieties of crops (such as BT Cotton) etc. and manage pests by adopting crop rotation, intercropping,  trap-cropping.
  • Use light trap/sticky traps.
  • Use parasites and predators for biological control of the pests.
  • For controlling insects pests, use Sex Pheromone trap, Nuclear Poly-Hydrosis Virus (NPV), Pseudomonas and Trichogramma card.
  • Promote the use of organic and neem-based insecticides.
  • Use chemical pesticides only if the above-listed measures are not effective, that too as per the recommendations of the experts and also take following precautions:
  • Follow all the prescribed safety precautions while using chemical pesticides,
  • While spraying the pesticides, always wear safety gadgets like mask, hand- gloves etc,
  • Always spray in the direction of wind and keep yourself safe from the spray drift,
  • Always keep pesticides, plant protection equipment under lock and key away from children and pets.
  • While purchasing pesticides, must see the packing and validity date of the chemical,
  • In the case of any pesticide poisoning, immediately contact a doctor, also carry the empty container and information booklet of the pesticide.


Type of assistance

Quantum of assistance


1 Support for a demonstration of Integrated Pest Management in farmers’ field. Maximum limit per hectare Mustard – Trichoderma, Neem Rs. 1500 Groundnut- Trichoderma, Chrysoperla, NPV, Neem – Rs. 1627

Soybean – Trichoderma, NPV, Neem

Rs. 1500

Sunflower -Trichoderma, Chrysoperla, NPV, BT- ` 1230

Maize – Trichoderma, Chrysoperla,

BT – Rs. 1480

ISOPOM (for Groundnut, Soybean, Niger, Rapeseed, Mustard, Sunflower, Safflower, Castor, Linseed, Maize)
2 Demonstration of Integrated Pest Management on farmers’ field. Rs. 22680 per demonstration -do-
3 Distribution of insecticides and weedicides. 50% of the cost or Rs. 500 per hectare whichever is less -do-
4 Support for IPM, pesticides, Integrated Nutrient Management, Fertigation, Tree Guard etc. 50% of the cost limited to Rs. 5000 per hectare Special programme on Oil Palm area expansion.
5 Support for Fungicides for seed treatment, pesticides, biocontrol agents, NPV (Virus), organic pesticide pheromone trap etc. for Pulse production. Up to Rs. 860 to Rs. 1450 per unit per hectares, Accelerated Pulse Production Programme. (A 3P)




Distribution of plant protection chemicals and organic pesticides in paddy crop



50% of the cost or Rs. 500 per hectare whichever is less



National Food Security Mission Rice

7 Distribution of chemical and organic pesticide for IPM in pulse crops 50% of the cost or Rs. 750 per hectare whichever is less National Food Security Mission



Integrated Pest Management in horticultural crops.


Limited to 4 hectares per beneficiary

@ Rs. 1000 per hectare.


National Horticulture Mission and Horticulture Mission for North- Eastern and Himalayan States,

9 Supply of bio-agents / bio-pesticides 25% of the cost limited to Rs. 500 /ha Macro Management of Agriculture



Crop protection implement/ improved Agri implements.



Rs. 10000 Limit



SCP, TSP & OTSP (State Govt.)

11 Bio-intensive at different stages Bio-intensive at different stages of crop growth. 50% cost mustard Rs. 930, Groundnut Rs.  1627.50, Soybean Rs. 48

Sunflower Rs. 1230

Oilseed Production Programme


12 Plant protection chemicals 50% cost of chemicals or Rs. 500/ha whichever is less Oilseed  Production Programme
13 Supply of Weedicides 50% cost of chemicals or Rs. 500/ha whichever is less Oilseed  Production Programme
14 Supply of Rhizo and PSB 50% cost of culture or Rs. 100/ha whichever is less Oilseed  Production Programme


Whom to Contact

  •  Nearest Office of Taluka Agriculture Officer, Sub-divisional Agriculture Officer, District Superintending Agriculture Officer, Divisional Joint Director of Agriculture
  •  Website of Agriculture Department –
  • Kisan Call Center (Toll-Free No.) – 1800 – 180 – 1551
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