Pink beauty

General information:

Pink beauty is a medium-sized caladium which comes under Fancy pink Caladium group with heart-shaped leaves. Dark or bright pink veins with medium pink blush or splashes over a green background and framed or surrounded by green edge characterize the foliage of Pink Beauty. Petiole colour is green with black stripes. Abaxial (lower) leaf blade colour is light pink centre surrounded by green margins. It prefers filtered sun or partial shade to full shade. It grows to a height of 10”-24” tall. Pink beauty is appropriate for planting in garden beds, borders and containers, and works well in hanging baskets or as ground cover and is considered a delightful, elegant and eye-catching variety. It can be planted indoor also.


Salient features
Plant Height 28.00 cm
No. of Leaves 6.0
Length of leaf 21.67 cm
Width of leaf 12.17 cm
Petiole length 27.50 cm
Petiole girth 19.94 mm
Petiole colour Green
Leaf shape Heart-shaped



  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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