Pests of Pineapple – Kisan Suvidha
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Pests of Pineapple


Pests of Pineapple

Pineapple is the second most important fruit crop of the north-eastern region of India both regarding area under plantation and production.This crop can be damaged by a number of insects, therefore, it needs to be prevented from these insects.

Major insects of Pineapple are:-

1.Mealybug: Pseudococcus brevipes

pineapple mealybug

Symptoms of damage:

  • Nymphs and adults congregate on leaves and suck the sap
  • Yellowing
  • Wilting of leaves
  • Stunted growth of the plant
  • It is vector of pine apple wilt disease

Identification of pest:

  • Adult – White mealy bugs.


  • Cultivate resistant varieties like Red Spanish and queen
  • Collect planting material from unaffected plantation
  • Remove basal brownish leaves of cured planting
  • Dip the basal portion of the planting material in malathion 0.2%
  • Spray dimethoate 2ml/lit or methyldemeton 1.5 ml/lit
  • Release coccinellid beetle, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri @ 10 / tree


2.Rhinoceros beetle: Oryctes rhinoceros

pineapple Rhinoceros beetle

Symptoms of damage:

  • Wilting of the plant due to adult boring at the base of the stem.

Identification of pest:

  • Grub – Sluggish, white, ‘C’ shaped.
  • Adult – Stout brownish black with a horn projecting from the head.


  • Remove and burn all dead pine apple trees
  • Collect and destroy the various biostages in the manure pits
  • Iron hooking – kill adults from base of the stem
  • Set up light trap 1/ha
  • Soak castor cake 1 kg in 5 lit of water in small mud pots keep them in pine apple garden
  • Incorporate Metarhizium anisopillae, Baculovirus of oryctes was controlled the beetle
  • Use Rhinolure vane trap for attracting adults
  • Conserve predators like reduviid bug Platymeris laevicollis
  • Spray carbaryl @ 0.1% at once in three months
  • Spray malathion @ 5%



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