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Pethia ticto fish – Kisan Suvidha
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Pethia ticto fish

Pethia ticto

Pethia ticto fish

Scientific Name-      Pethia ticto
(Hamilton, 1822)

Common Name-        Two spot barb

Local Name-         Pothia




Class Osteichthyes
Sub-Class Actinopterygii
Order Cypriniformes
Family Cyprinidae
Sub-family Cyprininae
Genus Pethia
Species ticto



Habits and habitat

Pethia ticto fish occur in ponds,tanks,chaurs, and beels. Inhabits in rivers,canals, and small reservoir. Mostly found in shallow water and muddy bottom with macrophytes in floodplain area and ditches of all the districts of Bihar.


Salient features

The species is the smallest of the barb family. It is the common species found in almost all water bodies. The body is silvery and back grey to grassy green and belly whitish with a discontinuous lateral line. A long transverse black blotch above the pectoral fin, another one is black large with golden edge spot on the caudal peduncle over the end of the anal fin. The fins are light red orange colour at breeding time. The dorsal fin is marked with dark black lines. It is very attractive and beautiful. This barb is very popular as aquarium fish. It is very active and moves in group,takes shelter under leaves of plant or aquatic weeds,feeds on plankton, insects larvae, algae and plant matter,breeds normally at 24-260C temperature. This species has established itself as one of the most expressive species in the international markets. It attains a lenght of 3-5cm.



  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore

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