Pests of Medicinal Crops

Medicinal crops include Glory Lily, Opium poppy, Medicinal yam, Atropa Belladonna, Neem etc.There are various pests that may cause damage to these crops.For the protection, a proper description of pests are given in below link:

1.Pests of Glory Lily



 a.  Lily caterpillar  lily caterpillar
 b.  Red Hairy Caterpillar  Glory lily caterpillar
 c.  Semilooper  Glory lily Semilooper
 d.  Tobacco Cutworm   glory lily tobacco cutworm



2.Pest of Long pepper




 a.  Mealy bug: Dysmicoccus sp  mealy bug
 b.  Tea mosquito bugHelopeltis theivora  Tea mosquito bug


3.Pests of Neem

a.Tea mosquito bugHelopeltis theivora


4.Pests of Atropa Belladonna

a. Cutworm, Agrotis flammetra

  • Larva attacks the tender seedlings during early summer months.
  • Defoliation
  • Plough the field after harvesting the crop to expose hibernating pupae on the surface.

b. Leaf feeder, Archips imaccana

leaf feeder

  • Caterpillar feed on the leaves
  • Larva defoliates the plant.





5.Pests of Opium poppy




 a.  Cutworm: Agrotis spp  cutworm
 b.  Aphid: Myzus persicae   opium popy aphid
 c.  Capsule borer: Helicoverpa armigera  opium popy capsule borer



6.Pests of Medicinal Yam

a. Yam Aphids: Aphis gossypii, Pentalonia nigronervosa

Yam aphids

Symptoms of damage:
  • Aphids cause damage to young seedlings
  • Nymph and adults suck the sap from leaves and stems of young vines.
  • As a result, new growth is adversely affected.
Identification of the pest:

A. gossypii

  • Globular yellowish green to brown or black in colour.


  • Spray neem oil 0.5% (or) NSKE 5%.
  • Conserve natural enemies like parasitoids and predators


b.Yam Red spider mite: Tetranychus sp

yam red spider mite

Symptoms of damage:
  • Red spider mites are found to infest laminary base adjoining petiole
  • Development of necrotic areas on the upper surface of the leaf lamina
  • Feeding injury predisposes the plant for fungal infection in D. floribunda and D. composita.
Identification of the pest:
  • Nymphs and adults are red in colour.
  • Eggs are laid on the ventral surface of the leaves and are whitish, spherical in shape
  • Spray wettable sulphur 50 WP 2g/lit.




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