Pests of Mango

Mango is king of all fruits.There are a number of insects damaging mango tree.Some insects are given below:

Major pests of Mango are:-

 S.No.  Pests
 1.  Stem borer  stem borer
 2.  Bark borer   bark borer
 3.  Shoot borer  shoot borer
 4.  Mango hoppers   mango hoppers
 5.  Inflorescence midge  Inflorescence midge
 6.  Aphid   Aphid
 7.  Loopers  Mango Looper
 8.  Fruit fly   fruit fly
 9.  Mango nut weevil  mango nut weevil
 10.  Shoot webber  leaf webber
 11.  Leaf gall midges  

leaf gall midge

 12.  Leaf Twisting weevil  

leaf twisting weevil

 13. Hairy Caterpillars  
 14.  Scales  
 15.  Gaint mealybug   Gaint Mealy bug
 16.  Red ants  red ants


 Integrated Pest Management Strategies


  •  Deep ploughing of orchard immediately after harvest to expose eggs and pupae.
  •  Avoid dense planting, prune the overcrowded and overlapping branches for control of hoppers.
  •  Heavy irrigation in October also helps in the destruction of eggs.
  •  Collection and destruction of stone weevil infested fallen fruits and stones help in reduction and carryover of infestation.
  • To control first instar nymphs of mealy bugs mud plastering 25 cm wide, 400 Gauge Polythene sheet should be fastened to the tree.
  •  Early harvesting of mature fruits to avoid fruit fly infestation.
  •  Bagging of fruits to avoid egg laying by fruit flies.
  •  Collection and destruction of dropped fruits.
  •  Removal of webs made by leaf Webber by leaf removing the device and burning them.
  •  Bio-agents play a significant role in population suppression of various insect pests and diseases and should be conserved in the field.
  •  A large number of parasitoids and predators are very active against mango pests in the fields. These are Rodolia fumida, Suminus renardi, Coccinellids, Beauveria bassiana, Verticillium lacani, Mallada boninensis, Podynema spp., Platygaster sp, Eupulmus sp., Systasis dasynearue, Micronimus timidis, Baccha pulchrifrons, etc.



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