Peach tree diseases

Major peach tree diseases are:-

1.Peach leaf curl: Taphrina deformans

peach leaf curl
  • It attacks the leaves, causing curling and blister formation.
  • The leaves start turning yellowish or reddish and fall off prematurely.
  • The infected portion develops a pink or reddish bronze colour.
  • The growth of the tree is affected by a reduction of yield.
  • Remove and burning of infected shoots.
  • Spray the plants with Bordeaux mixture 1% or 0.1% Carbendazim.
  • Spray Mancozeb 0.25 % at 20 days before harvesting.


2.Peach Powdery mildew: Sphaerotheca pannosa

  • Small superficial white powdery mass of leaves appear.
  • All the parts like leaves, twigs and fruits are infected with this fungus.
  • Fruits may turn pinkish and finally dark brown in colour.
  • The disease can be controlled by spraying with Wettable sulphur 0.3% or  Carbendazim 0.1%.



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