Pea diseases and their Management

Major Pea diseases are given below:-

1.Fusarium wilt: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. pisi

  • The first symptom of the disease in the field is drooping of the plants followed by sudden death. The leaves may also turn yellow and drop off prematurely.
  • Pod formation is severely affected. In collar regions of the wilted plants, necrosis and discolouration can be seen.
  • The diseased plants can be pulled out from the easier than the healthy ones.
  • When the diseased stem is cut, there is a dark brown, discoloured band around the vascular system. Infection occurs directly through the root hairs.
  • The fungus survives for indefinite periods in the soil.
  • Treating the seeds with Carbendazim (2 g/kg of seed) protects the seedlings during the initial stages of growth.
  • Soil drenching with Copper oxychloride 0.25%.


2 .Powdery mildew of  PeaErysiphe polygoni

pea powdery mildew

  • The disease appears as on the foliage and pods.
  • Infection is first apparent on the leaves as small slightly darkened areas, which later become white powdery spots.
  • These spots enlarge and cover the entire leaf area.
  • Severely infected leaves may become chlorotic and distorted before falling. Affected pods are small in size and malformed.
  • Spray inorganic sulphur 0.25% or Tridemorph 0.1%.


3. Pea Rust :Uromyces fabae

Pea rust

  • This often becomes serious in humid regions.
  • The plants dry up quickly and the yield is considerably reduced.
  • The initial symptoms of the rust infection are flecking of the leaves.
  • These flecks soon develop into reddish brown pustules, frequently merging into one another, finally bursting to expose a mass of brown spores.
  • The entire leaf blade and other affected parts give a brownish appearance even from a distance.
  • Fungicidal application using Tridemorph 0.1 % or Mancozeb 0.25% effectively control the disease.





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