Papaya diseases and their control

Major Papaya diseases are given below:-

1.Papaya Stem rot / Foot rot:  Pythium  aphanidermatum

papaya stem rot

  • Water soaked spot in the stem at the ground level which enlarges and griddle the stem.
  • The diseased area turns brown or black and rot.
  • Terminal leaves turn yellow drop off.
  • The entire plant topples over and dies.
  • Forward by rain. R. solaniis favoured by dry and hot weather.Common in 2-3-year-old trees.
  • Seed treatment with Thiram or Captan 4 g/kg or Chlorothalonil.
  • Drenching with Copper oxychloride 0.25 % or Bordeaux mixture 1% or Metalaxyl 0.1%.


2.Papaya Powdery mildew: Oidium caricae

papaya powdery mildew

  • While mycelia growth appears on the upper surface of the leaf, flower stalks and fruit.Seven attack causes yellowing and defoliation of leaves.
  • Spray Wettable Sulphur 0.25% or Dinocap 0.05% or Chinomethionate 0.1%or Tridemorph 0.1%.


3.Papaya ring spot: Papaya ring spot virus

papaya ring spot
Ring spot on Papaya Fruit
papaya ring spot
Ring spot on leaf
  • Vein clearing, puckering and chlorophyll leaf tissues lobbying in.
  • Margin and distal parts of leaves roll downward and inwards, mosaic mottling, dark green blisters, leaf distortion which results in shoe string system and stunting of plants.
  • On fruits, circular concentric rings are produced.If affected earlier no fruit formation.
  • Vectored by aphids Aphis gossypii, A. craccivora and also spreads to cucurbits, not through seeds.
  • Raise papaya seedlings under insect-proof conditions.
  • Plant disease free seedlings.
  • Raise sorghum/maize as barrier crop before planting papaya.
  • Rogue out affected plants immediately on noticing symptoms.
  • Do not raise cucurbits around the field.


4.Papaya Leaf curl:  Papaya leaf curl virus

papaya leaf curl

  • Curling, crinkling and distortion of leaves, reduction of leaf lamina, rolling of leaf margins inward and downward, thickening of veins.
  • Leaves become leathery, brittle and distorted.Plants stunted.Affected plants does not produce flowers and fruits.
  • Spread by whitefly Bemisia tabaci
  • Uproot affected plants.
  • Avoid growing tomato, tobacco near papaya.
  • Spraying with systemic insecticides to control the vector.


5.Papaya Anthracnose: Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Papaya anthracnose

  • If affect leaf and stem on erotic spots are produced.On fruit initially, brown superficial discoloration of the skin develops which is circular and slightly sunken.
  • Then they coalesce in which sparse mycelial growth appear on the margins of a spot.
  • Under the humid condition, salmon pink spores are released.Fruits mummified and deformed.
Infected fruit:
  • Infection is caused by fruit from the field.  Secondary spread by conidia by rain splashes.



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