Painted bug

Painted bug: Bargrada hilaris (cruciferarum)

Symptoms of damage:

  • Young plants wilt and wither as a result of the attack
  • Adult bugs excrete resinous substances which spoil the pods

Identification of the pest:

  • Adult: Bug is black in colour with red and yellow lines


  • Deep ploughing so that the eggs of painted bugs are destroyed
  • Early sowing is needed to avoid pest attack
  • Irrigate the crop during four weeks after sowing to reduce pest attack
  • Quick threshing of the harvested crop should be done
  • Burn the remains of mustard crop so that the stages of insect do not reach the next year crop
  • The bugs usually congregate on the leaves and stem, which can be jerked to dislodge them and killed in kerosinised water
  • Conserve bio-control agents like Alophara spp.
  • Spray the crop with malathion 50 EC @1000 ml or dimethoate 30 EC @625 ml in 600-700 litre water



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