Nameko Mushroom cultivation

Nameko mushrooms are orange, round and gilled. They are roughly one to one and a half inches in diameter. The mushrooms grow in small clusters and have a natural gelatin that coats the coppery tops. Light yellow or white gills line the underbelly of the cap. The cap of these mushrooms can open and flare out as the mushroom matures. These Japanese mushrooms have a mellow earthy flavour with hints of cashew.

  • One of the most popular cultivated mushrooms in Japan.
  •  Characterized by its excellent flavour and texture. P. nameko has a thick, translucent, glutinous slime covering the cap. (This mucilaginous coat is common with many species of Pholiota.)
  •  Effective against sarcoma 180 (anti cancerous).

Scientific name: Pholiota nameko

Common name: Nameko mushroom, Viscid mushroom

Substrate: Supplemented sawdust or logs


Cultivation environment

Parameter Spawn running Development
Temperature 24 – 29°C 10 – 18°C
Relative humidity 90-95%
Light 08-10 hours*
Air exchange 04-08 per hour
Duration 15-25 days 06-15 days

*Diffused, **Days after bag opening

Cropping cycle: 8 weeks

Major regions of cultivation

World: Japan and China

India: Not yet cultivated in India due to lack of suitable cultivation technology




  • Indian Institute of Horticulture Research
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