Mystus vittatus fish

Scientific Name- Mystus vittatus (Bloch, 1794)

Common Name -Striped dwarf catfish

Local Name –Tengara, tengra


Class Osteichthyes
Sub-Class Actinopterygii
Order Siluriformes
Family Bagridae
Genus Mystus
Species vittatus
Class Osteichthyes


Habits and habitat

It is found in Ganga, Sone, Gandak, Koshi rivers and associated canals. Mostly found in clear and flowing water, but also occurs in a floodplain area, tanks, chaurs, mauns and stream water.


Salient features

Body is elongated and laterally compressed. This species has 8 barbels, two of them are very long in size on the upper jaw near nasal and rest are small in size, next two small barbels are at upper jaw and four barbels at lower jaw. It has grey silvery to golden yellow ground colour with several dark brown to deep black longitudinal bands on the whole flanks. It has closely dusky shoulder spot often present. Fins are clear and glossy often with dark tips. Their colour varies according to age and size. It is carnivorous and shows moderate movements. It feeds on crustaceans, insects, worms, and molluscs. This species breeds in April and May. Eggs released in water filled with plants and weeds. It attains a length of 18-20cm.



  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore
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