Mottle Streak

Mottle Streak: Nucleorhabdovirus

  • Initial symptoms of mottle streak disease appear around 45 days after sowing in funnel leaves as small sparse chlorotic specks.
  • The virus affected plants are stunted and pale green in colour.
  • Later the specks coalesce leading to short streaks.
  • Yellowing of plants in severe infection.
  • Infected plants produce more of nodal branches and unproductive tillers.
  • Failure of earhead emergence with sparse grains is noticed during initial and late infection.
  • Vector for this disease is leafhopper, Cicadulina
Identification of pathogen:
  • Nucleo rhabdovirus or Potato Yellow Dwarf Virus is bacilliform, with one type of particle of about 380 x 75 nm. It is enveloped with a clear modal length of 178-224nm, 59-76 nm wide. Axial canal obvious; 8 nm in diameter
  • Rogue out the affected plants
  • Spray systemic insecticides Methyl dematon 500ml/ha. When noticing symptom and repeat twice if necessary at 20 days interval to control the vector
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