Morel mushroom cultivation (Guchi in India)

Morel mushroom

  • Usually found in open scrub, woodland or open ground in late spring
  • When collecting this fungus, care must be taken to distinguish it from the deadly-poisonous ‘false morel’, Gyromitra esculenta.
  • Regarded as a highly prized mushroom. Its cultivation technology is not yet standardized.

Scientific name: Morchella esculenta

Common name: The Morel, Guchi in India

Substrate: Experimental level cultivation on supplemented sawdust

Cultivation environment

Parameter Spawn running Development
Temperature 21 – 24°C 04 – 10°C
Relative humidity 85-90%
Light 8-10 hours*
Air exchange 5-7 per hour
Duration 10-14 days 10-12 days


*Diffused light, **Days after casing

Cropping cycle: under investigation

Major regions of cultivation

World: Experimental cultivation in the USA (patented)

India: Gathered from the forests in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.




  • Indian Institute of Horticulture Research
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