Mealybug: Brevennia rehi

Symptom of damage:

  • Large number of insects remains in leaf sheath and suck the sap.
  • Plants become week, yellowish and very much stunted in circular patches.
  • Presence of white waxy fluff in leaf sheaths

Identification of insect pest:

  • Egg: The female lays numerous yellowish white eggs/ simply deposits nymphs in outer leaf sheaths.
  • Nymph: The newly hatched nymphs crowded within the waxy threads for 6-10 h before they disperse to various parts of the same plant. The pale yellowish nymph is active and crawls about the plant for a while and settled itself on the plant/ stem and turns dark yellow after a day. Body gets covered with waxy material on second day.
  • Adult: Nymphs and adults being wingless look alike. Females are reddish, oval, soft-bodied living in colonies inside the leaf sheath. Males are small, slender, pale-yellow, having single pair of wings and a style like process at the end of the abdomen but lack mouthparts. Males are seldom found in the colonies, so it reproduces parthenogenetically.


  • Remove the grasses and trim the bunds during the main field preparation before transplanting
  • Remove and destroy the affected plants
  • Spray any one of the following
    • Buprofezin (25 SC) @200 ml/ 200 lit of water for 1 acre
    • Thiomethoxum (20 WDG) @100 g/200 lit of water for 1 acre
    •  Dimethoate (30 EC) 400 ml along with Azardiractin 1000PPM



  • TNAU Agritech Portal


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