Mealy bugs

Mealy bugs: Phenacoccus sp, Ferrisa spand  Maconellicoccus sp 

Symptom of damage

  • Heavy clustering of mealy bugs usually seen under surface of leaves as a thick mat with waxy secretion
  • Excrete copious amount of honeydew on which the fungus sooty mould grow
  • Affected plants appear sick and black, resulting reduced fruiting capacity


  • Remove the alternate weeds hosts
  • Monitor the incidence regularly and look for crawler emergence
  • Take up the management at initial stage to get maximum control
  • Wherever necessary use neem based botanical insecticides such as neem oil 2% or NSKE 5% orfish oil rosin soap 25g/litre of water
  • Use of Encyrtid parasitoids, Acerophaguspapayae@ 100 per village againstParacoccusmarginatusand AenasiusbambawaeliagainstPhenococcussolenopsisare recommended
  • Use of dimethoate or profenophos  2 ml/lit may be adopted as an alternative.



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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