Mango stem borer

Mango stem borer: Batocera rufomaculata 

Symptoms of damage:

  • Grub tunnels in the sapwood on the trunk or branches
  • Grub bore into the sap wood and macking irregular tunnels.
  • Feeding the vascular tissues
  • interruption of nutrient and water transport on the tissue
  • Drying of terminal shoot in early stage
  • Frass comes out from several points and some times sap oozes out of the holes
  • Wilting of branches or entire tree.

Identification of pest

    • Grub – Linear, fleshy, apodous
    • Adult – Grayish beetle with two pink dots and lateral spine


    • Remove and destroy dead and severely affected branches of the tree
    • Remove alternate host, silk cotton, and other hosts
    • Grow tolerant mango varieties viz., Neelam, Humayudin.
    • Swab Coal tar + Kerosene @ 1:2 or Carbaryl 50 WP 20 g / l ( a basal portion of the trunk – 3 feet height) after scraping the loose bark to prevent oviposition by adult beetles.
    • If infestations are severe then apply the copper oxychloride paste on the trunk of the tree.
    • One celphos tablet (3 g aluminum phosphide) per hole
    • Apply carbofuran 3G 5 g per hole and plug with mud.



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